About Us

A growing firm with a boutique feel

Our Mission

Treating clients the way we want to be treated.

Wouldn’t it be nice to really know your court reporters?  A local reporter who’s familiar with area-specific details, with whom you’ve built a solid relationship over the years and know you can trust with all aspects of your reporting needs; one who has a very professional demeanor and is enthusiastic about their career; a reliable reporter who takes exceptional care of your exhibits, transcripts, and other confidential information for your cases.

Tara at the computer

At Imperial Court Reporting we have a  reputation in the community for employing reporters who possess those qualities.  We are a group of skilled, certified, and eager individuals.  We are dedicated to our trade and always looking for ways to improve.  Our agency has a passion for the legal and technological industries, staying up to date with current trends and equipment, paying close attention to your individual needs.

Imperial’s reporters work hard to keep their clients happy.  We are ethical, unbiased, and committed to the highest professional standards.  To ensure that we’re providing you with top-notch work product, we go above and beyond in researching proper spellings, legal jargon, case cites and the like, in addition to having each transcript examined by our hand-picked proofreaders before it leaves our facility.  Your job is hard enough as an attorney; let us get the details right, the first time.

To accommodate all of your in-person deposition needs, Imperial Court Reporting has four convenient office locations in the Sarasota-Tampa Bay area and, of course, are happy to cover your virtual proceedings anywhere!  Our large conference rooms are internet-enabled with complimentary refreshments and stationery to provide a sophisticated, comfortable experience for you and your clients.  Please see our "contact us" page for more information.  We look forward to serving you!